It is common for all of us to forget the meaning of what ‘Me Time’ is really about. We are always rushing and pressuring ourselves to get things done. We run our days under the ‘push-push’ mode, trying to fit everything and everyone.

At the end of the day you feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed, mentally tired and not present at all.

This message is a reminder for you to spend some time alone (even if it is only 10 minutes of your day) to reset and connect to yourself deeply. Perhaps check within to see what you really need right now to find inner peace?

The goal in this process is to avoid relying on others or expect the environment or situation to change in order to feel happy or peaceful. Find inner peace with whatever IS – let go of expectations and BE the change for inner peace.

When we are in that space of surrender, we allow our hearts to be opened to connect to others and most importantly to ourself. Drop the mental dramas, the urge to be right, the obligation to please others and just enjoy the moment in love for what IS.