We are heading to the beginning of a new age – the start of ‘The Age of Aquarius’. As such, new energies will be guiding us to a different journey. You are probably feeling it already! The question here is – are you ready to take the leap?

The reality is most of us struggle with changes, we don’t like to step into the unknown. We like to know constantly what is happening next! If you are thinking to change jobs, not happy with your relationship, planning to move, feeling alone, wanting to do things differently – they are all signs that it is time to move forward and the only way out is going in. Deep in your heart, you have all the answers you need.

The journey here is to silence the mind and listen to what is really important for you right now. In this process you can access the wisdom from within. Go for a bush walk, sit in your garden, rest in your favourite chair…give yourself permission to listen to your heart and see what your next step is, not what people think is best for you.

When you follow the whispers of your heart, you receive the messages from the Soul.