Your mind is a powerful machine – it can hold memories, create thoughts and manifest pain from your past. Have you noticed how many times a day you repeat the same thoughts? When you identify yourself with your thoughts, you instantly start to bring the past into your present moment. 

Practice to become aware of the nature of thoughts you are focusing on constantly throughout your day. Notice the presence behind the thoughts – ‘the watcher’. When you allow yourself to be present enough, you can then dissociate from your repetitive thoughts and focus on what empowers you (rather than listen to your negative thoughts).

Your mind is wounded from the stories of your past, but your awareness is whole. Your conscious decisions reflect this divine power within you every day, when you become aware that you can always create a DIFFERENT story. It’s your mind that is trapped in negativity, not your heart. 

Today allow yourself to focus on what is working for you, instead of vibrating from a perspective of lacking. Be grateful for who you are and for the Love you have in your life. Seek to be whole, not perfect.