We so often criticise ourselves for not ‘behaving’ properly. We feel guilty for feeling ‘negative’ emotions.

It is your ego mind that is perceiving what is good and what is bad. The truth is emotions are just emotions and an essential part of our human existence.

We are here to FEEL the world.

How is your inner child behaving today? Does he/she needs attention and care?

This week be open to your ’tantrums’, parent yourself and look at them as an opportunity to self love. Your anger, your frustration, your sadness, your jealousy – they are all here to show you what is ready to be released and what needs to be healed.

It is ok to feel anger – what is not ok is to act negatively in that emotion or suppress it in your system.

When you allow yourself to sit with your emotions, you allow yourself to be seen, felt & loved.