Is there anything in your life right now that you are not accepting? Can you accept the situation without wanting to change others?

Accepting what IS means looking at the big picture while being aware of your own expectations, and projections. It is understanding what is ‘real’ and what is not. Not everything you think is true, sometimes your thoughts are just a reflection of your past experiences.

The reality is – your story, your perceptions, the way you look at life – are completely different to the person next to you. We all see the world with different ‘glasses’.

This week when you catch yourself blaming someone or a situation, see first if the very reason of your own frustration/ anger/ sadness is perhaps something you are projecting from the past that in fact needs to be healed in yourself first.

Can you change your ‘glasses’? Can you find compassion towards others and most importantly towards yourself?

In doing so, you choose wisdom over victimisation. You free yourself from the chains of the past. You Self Love.