Every time you find yourself in a situation that drains your energy instead of expanding. Every time you feel that you are not honouring your truth. Every time you find yourself seeking to change things in your life. Every time you feel confused…choose vulnerability.

In our society being vulnerable means to be weak, not ‘strong enough’. We fear to open our hearts and let people in, so instead we place thick walls around it to feel protected.

Don’t let the ego create walls of resistance – Be Love. When you open your heart, you allow yourself to connect deeply to others. You choose to speak a different language. You let the world see who you really are and that is exactly where the power is…

…because we all crave to be seeing.

So how can you be vulnerable this week?

Perhaps see first what is really bothering you and approach the situation by talking about your emotions and the way you feel.

Being vulnerable it’s choosing bravery. It can feel like swimming in strange waters, but trust me – it’s extremely liberating.♥️