We are all seeking for happiness outside of us in our environment. As a society we have learnt to perceive happiness and joy as something to be achieved. A lot of us go through life waiting for this ‘day’ to arrive – when all the boxes are ticked – so we can be happy again.

The question is how can you cultivate happiness now? How can you become this energy that you want to attract? Start living your life as if all you have ever wanted is already happening.

Instead of waiting for people around you to change, for something to happen, or for someone to give you the answers, choose to become the change. Choose thoughts and actions that are in alignment with who you want to become.

Once you start to become this new reality – energetically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically – your world starts to shift. You attract new people into your life, you change habits, you try new things, you attract opportunities and situations where synchronicitites and coincidences seem to happen frequently. You FEEL different, present, focused, empowered and deeply grateful for life.

What kind of thoughts are you holding in your mind this week? Are you feeding the old patterns of overthinking or are you looking at new possibilities? How can you become this new energy today?

Look at the possibilities, choose Love over fear and see what happens.