Anger is an internal alarm that tells us something is not quite right. How do you respond to your anger? I used to blame myself for feeling angry or react with anger.

‘This is not good, Angela.’ – the inner critical voice in my head still whispers in my ears.

The reality is beneath everyone’s anger lies a reason. Anger is always communicating something, it is here to indicate that other emotions need to be addressed or validated.

It works as a thick layer protecting deep feelings underneath – embarrassment, loneliness, depression, fear and so on…or even a combination of them.

Learning to recognise anger as a protector of your raw feelings is powerful!

Next time you feel angry during this week, instead of judging yourself, sit in silence to identify your needs and consequently your supressed feelings.

For instance if you feel that underneath your anger there is sadness or disappointment, be vulnerable about it instead of instantly reacting under the energy of your anger.

Always remember – it’s ok to feel angry. What it’s not ok is to constantly react and make decisions with anger.