We navigate through life daily in autopilot mode trying to tick all the boxes – meeting expectations, being on time, honouring commitments, helping others and so on.

There is no time for self connection. ‘There is so much to do in one day!’ – I hear that all the time.

Then we burn out, we feel depleted and lost.

It is important to ground your energy in the present moment by not allowing the environment, circumstances and people to shift your mood.

You can be productive, but you don’t need to get lost in the process.

This week stay grounded by constantly strenghtening your sacred space with thick boundaries. What is triggering your emotions? Are you allowing yourself to feel your feelings? Are you verbalising your needs? Or are you suppressing them constantly?

You are unshakeable when standing in your Soul presence, so be there for yourself first.

‘Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery’.