It’s so easy to create the worst case scenario in our mind. Even before you try to change the situation, you already feel defeated by every detail that can go wrong.

And then you just give up…right there – the moment you give your power away!

Most people go through life carrying emotional baggages from the past. Those emotional baggages hold you back by limiting the way you perceive things. They keep you stuck in your ‘old stories’, so fear can take over for you to stay convinced that your comfort zone is the best place to be.

We don’t grow in comfort zones. Our human nature seeks growth.

Take the time to reflect on what you need to end in your life right now & what is ready to be birthed. What do you want for yourself? What needs to go? How do you see yourself in the six months ahead & what would like to chance in your life this month?

Receive this message as an opportunity to go within to recreate your life from there. It is definitely time for ‘good byes’ – be brave.