Our modern life creates so much space for overthinking and unprocessed emotions.

A great deal of worries are not fully processed and understood, manifesting themselves as this deep seated anxiety.

Some no longer sleep, insomnia being the revenge of all the many thoughts they have omitted to process in the day.

The question is – how can you process your worries? How can you ease this anxiety?

…practicing self-compassion by overcoming your inner critic & accepting what you can’t change.

This week take the time to be on your own when possible – go sit down in nature or in your garden, let your body relax and allow yourself to feel your feelings, creating internal space for it. If your mind starts to race with worrying thoughts, just breath deeeply for a few times until you feel relaxed.

You don’t have to find all the answers and solutions for your life in this very moment. Just give yourself permission to be free from your worrying mind for a few minutes.

Sit with yourself, name your feelings and ask deeply what you really need right now. Accept whatever comes without judgement – fear, anger, resentment, sadness…you have your right to feel this way.

Feel your emotions and then let them go by taking positive actions and focusing on things that rather nourish and empower you…even if that means taking a nap or having a cup of tea.

Practice the temporary nature of things affirmation – ‘this too shall pass’.