Your suffering is not a punishment. It’s simply Life realigning you.

You are probably thinking: ‘Why it has to be so painful?’. Well perhaps it is time to look at your pain and see what limiting beliefs are actually creating your suffering in the first place?

Just like our bodies send us warnings through our nervous system (when something is really hot for instance), so does our mind when it deals with something that needs our attention.

It is easier to ignore small messages of pain. The best story to tell yourself is that you are a victim because something is happening to you, and you have no idea why.

How about taking responsibility for your pain and look at it as a way to reconnect to yourself in self love?

This week simply love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of being alive – the gift of being free to make choices that nourish you instead of limiting your life in pain.

Also this week whenever people show you kindness, let yourself feel it completely. Let yourself receive it & break down the barriers you have built against receiving Love – any kind of Love.