Think about it – there is so many reasons for you to be frustrated, stressed & unhappy with life right now…SO many reasons!

The crazy thing about being human is – even if you didn’t have all of those reasons, your ego mind would still find excuses for you to feel unhappy, stressed, frustrated etc.

Where am I going with this?

I am here to emphasise the power of YOUR choices.

Choose wisely WHERE you focus your energy & attention everyday, that will dictate the quality of your mental fitness.

…’but Angela look what is happening, we can’t ignore that’. – I hear that all the time in my practice.

Yes that is right – we don’t need to ignore it, but we also don’t need to become that fear & feel miserable about our own reality.

This week let’s try this together & see what happens – it’s my mental fitness challenge for you:

👉🏽 Avoid watching the news.
👉🏽 Every day focus on what is working for you.
👉🏽 Nourish yourself in nature DAILY (even if that means sitting close to the window to enjoy that sunny spot!).
👉🏽 Avoid negative conversations.
👉🏽 Learn/ start a new hobby.
👉🏽 Drink LOTS of water.
👉🏽 Share your feelings.
👉🏽 Stretch/ move your body.
👉🏽 Remind yourself how much YOU ARE LOVED.

Whatever you perceive, persists. Let’s create a safe place in your mind.

We can do this!