‘If enough of us change ourselves, then we change the world.’ 

As you can see right now we have enough reasons to agree that – we either live in this conditioned hypnotic state and survive in fear OR…

…we learn to understand our minds & emotions and become open to thrive in unconditional self Love.

The more we judge & prosecute each other’s opinions & choices, the more we feed separation. Right now we need each other more than ever. The collective can only rise TOGETHER.

This virus is not about physical health only – it’s also about mental, emotional & spiritual health altogether. The only way out of this collective control is to dive deep into our own healing journey.

Knowledge is power.

A healed Soul manifests miracles by shifting perceptions – by taking actions and creating a new reality from the abundance of the heart instead of the scarcity of the mind.

They may take our freedom, but they will never take our free will to make choices. Inner choices. Choose consciousness, choose awakening – you are more than fear.

This week be kinder to yourself and others, more than usual. Love is the most powerful medicine. Use it abundantly!