Have you noticed how your state of being changes when people around you are not having a good week?

So often your behaviour is just reflecting their own behaviour and you don’t even notice. Then you wonder what is wrong with you, why do you feel so stressed lately?

This is even more frequently specially if you are stuck in the loop of reacting instead of responding.

Yeap – you absorb everything around you unconsciously and people’s mood affects you deeply…but only if you are unaware of it.

This week become aware of how you are responding to people’s behaviour around you. Are you mirroring their madness or are you present in neutrality? Are you strong enough to place thick boundaries and create space for yourself to reset & recharge?

There is no need to become an emotional sponge by absorbing people’s stress in your body. Have a routine with time for yourself, while setting healthy and clear boundaries.

You deserve to be loved. You first – the world can wait.