Your pain, your stories, your traumas are not here to create your identity. Even though your ego wants you to believe so, your past and your challenges don’t define who you are.

Your essence does.

Your obstacles are here to guide you through a journey of self discovery.

When you realise that your pain is an opportunity for you to experience who you truly are – a temple of resilience grounded in unconditional love – you embrace your challenges with a different perspective.

Pain in fact is the death of the ego.

When you let go of your ego, when you accept instead of resisting your situation – there is no reason to fear your suffering by victimising yourself or blaming others, because deep inside you know there is only growth and expansion on the other side of it.

But how do we let go of our ego? How do we accept our situation?

My question to you is – what are you resisting this week? What are the changes and actions that are essentially important for you to take today? What are the things, habits, people, situation that are not working for you anymore that it is time to ‘say good-bye’?

The ego always wants to hold onto things, always wants to overthink, to control, to victimise, to blame…

…every decision made from the heart needs to first drop the resistance of the ego mind. That is the journey of the warrior.

Are you ready to blossom?