Have you noticed how much of your time, energy, effort, patience & love you give to others? You give so much and sometimes beyond…

Well isn’t love what we need to give in order to make a better world? My answer is – absolutely!

Only if you are given enough to yourself FIRST.

Otherwise you are self-neglecting essential needs, living in a way that puts your health, safety, and wellbeing at risk. You become overtired, mentally exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed.

Why do you do this though? Because you have so much to give!

Your problem is…you are lacking boundaries.

This week pay attention to how you are placing others first in your every day decisions, in your conversations, in your relationship…and start prioritising YOUR needs and how you would like things to be.

I am not saying to be arrogant and selfish, but kind and authentic.

Start to say NO to things that are not in alignment with your truth. Your mental health and satisfaction matter.

Your inner peace is your best gift to yourself & others.