People pleasing is an underlying cause of major stress. The interesting thing is we do it without realising it.

In fact we use it as a ‘survival mechanism’ since young age. We have learned when children that when we help others, when we put others first, when accomodate people’s need as a priority – we are seen, we are good enough, we are loved.

It works when you are little, but when adults we struggle with it…A LOT.

It becomes heavy to take care of your house, family, children, friends, pets while trying to prioritise your work and your life style.

You become drained in survival mode ALL-THE-TIME.

It affects your sleep, your eating habits, the way you perceive things and how you make your decisions.

Sometimes you can’t even decide anything – your mind is too confused. You get lost when people’s opinions, beliefs, ideas and actions become your own, because you lose your sense of self.

This week pay attention to how you are disconnecting from yourself by pleasing others. Become aware of what is essentially important to you and how you can take care of your needs first, before taking care of others. Most importantly, respect your own beliefs and decisions. No one has the right to make decisions for you – only you know what is best for your life.

But hey…I see you. You are a giver & just love to be there for others, and that is ok. What it’s not ok is to deplete yourself in the process.

You deserve to be loved – specially by yourself.