Your mental state dictates the way you respond to life – the way you feel, how well you sleep, the quality of your relationships, your vitality & health and so on.

If you are constantly listening to your inner critical without being aware of its negativity, you can so easily get trapped in its stories.

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes your inner voice is guiding you to the right choices. For this reason, if you are not aware enough it can be tricky to tell the difference between negative self-talk & intuition.

However, if you pay attention to your inner critical, you will notice that it’s always criticising, judging, comparing, blaming, controlling – ALWAYS.

This week pay attention to your inner voice and observe the quality of your thoughts. Who are you blaming? Can you forgive yourself easily? Can you really understand someone’s else point of view? Are you willing to let go?

Resistance emerges as a signal that a part of you is not in alignment with the action you are about to take. Become aware of how you are listening to the stories in your mind, and see if you can respond to the situation from a neutral space instead of reacting emotionally.