We are so conditioned to respond to people’s behaviour according to their own expectations.

So much of your frustration in any type of relationship comes from the fact that you are not only ignoring your own needs, but you are also teaching people in your life that is ok for you to place other’s needs first.

Then you build up resentment…’why people can’t take care of me the same way I take care of them?’.

Hmmm. How can you expect people to look after you, when you are the one choosing not to be priority anyway?

That is how you create toxic relationships in your life. You allow it to happen, perhaps even unconsciously.

Then when you feel overwhelmed and decide to talk about things that are bothering you in the relationship, they won’t listen to your request. They will only judge your reaction, because your behaviour is not ‘normal’ – you are not meeting their expectations as you would usually do.

‘What is wrong with you?’ – they say!

This week pay attention to how you are ignoring your own needs by placing others first. How can you kindly and authentically start voicing YOUR truth and honouring your desires?

Always remember – whatever you are stressing about it, you are allowing.