As a child I tried my best to have my dad’s attention – always great at school, always helping mum, always looking nice & clean. I was constantly trying different ways to be with him…to receive his Love.

This type of perfectionism seats at the core of our being and controls our adult life since childhood.

Carrying baggages of wounded memories, we go through life seeking for validation every single day.

We have implants to look perfect, we say ‘I’m great!’ when inside we are crying, we select the perfect moments to share on social media, we overwork to prove ourselves, we over exercise to have that perfect body…

…we make whatever we can to fit in society, to be excepted, to be seen & to be loved.

We become very responsible…and empty.

I see so many clients overtired from taking life so seriously – they even hesitate to answer my question when I ask them what they do for fun.

Guess what? Your Soul is not seeking for perfection.

There is a part of you that is craving for YOUR attention, for your self love & for this deep understanding that – you are just perfectly imperfect the way you are.

This week I invite you to ask yourself – ‘What can I do for fun? How am I taking life so seriously? Can I give myself permission to be real & loved?