A trigger refers to something that affects your emotional state often by causing extreme overwhelm or distress. It challenges your ability to remain present in the moment, bringing up specific thought patterns or behaviour.

It is a very real experience!

A trigger can be anything – a specific smell, memory, or event – that sparks an intense emotional reaction, regardless of your current mood.

This trigger can relate to specific events, such as meeting with your boss, talking current events with a friend, or seeing your partner.

Knowing what your triggers are (and how to deal with them!) is a key component of good mental & emotional health. So often you feel agitated, anxious, and stressed without specifically knowing the reasons for it.

This week pay attention to people, places and situations that trigger your inner state. See if you can identify WHAT exactly triggers you – is her/ his tone of voice? Is the type of environment you are in? Or their reactions?

Once you identify the trigger, observe how you would normally react to the situation. The key here is to learn how to manage your emotions and behaviour (for instance taking a few deep breaths in/out) to respond instead of reacting.

Healing happens when you are triggered – and able to move through the pain, the pattern, and the story – and walk your way to a different ending.