Taking care of others – especially the ones you love – doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to happen according to ‘your plans’.

You give your advice, you share your opinion, you explain your theory, you take action & make big decisions for them, you prove that your way or the highway…because you love them and want to take care of them.

…BUT are you really being there for them?

How do you know if you are genuinely leading from the heart or controlling from the mind?

Huge difference! 

We are not here to save or ‘fix’ people, we are here to experience unconditional Love. We are here to learn that no matter what, deep connection requires acceptance, vulnerability, & respect.

Are you really listening to others or just reacting from what they are saying?

This week pay attention to how you are taking care of others & how you are interacting in your relationships.

Are you leading or controlling?

Pay attention to your physical body – when you are controlling your body contracts, you feel dense and drained. On the other hand, when you are leading you feel lighter, connected & relaxed. You share your listening skills by turning off your expectations.

There is a sense of togetherness.

‘You only have so much emotional energy each day. Don’t fight battles that don’t matter’. – Joel Osteen