Your perceptions are lens that allow you to view yourself and the world through them.

How you choose to perceive yourself has a huge impact on how you respond to life, and consequently how life responds back to you.

The Universe just echoes back.

This image of who you are – once created in your mind – is constantly shaping your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When you perceive life from your past experiences, mistakes, hurts, etc it is difficult to be open to what is right in front of you now. You get attached to your old stories to a point where they become part of you. Your self-perception is then filled with worry and fear, making challengeable to see the beauty in your life that exists in this present moment.

To embrace who you really are, it is essential to understand your deep feelings and become clear about what is important for you right now in life.

Perhaps your priorities have changed, because you are not the same person you used to be a year ago. What are you seeking in life? What it means to be happy? Do you feel deeply connected to the people who you surround yourself with?

Be curious about who you are becoming. Accept and value yourself, and most importantly allow yourself to be a work in progress.

This week seek to be whole, not perfect. Create space for authenticity & simple answers.