When you are struggling you are exposed to experiences you cannot control. You start meeting parts of yourself that are constantly projecting self-doubt and fear of failing.

In other words, every time you struggle with something, you start being self-critical.

You start holding a negative perception of yourself, and quickly feel defeated when facing challenges. Each obstacle, mistake, or failure reinforce an old belief ‘that you never succeed, because you are not good enough’ – and that is not true.

The truth is where there is struggle, there is growth.

When you are struggling is essential to focus on yourself, reflecting on what you essentially need to create changes while approaching yourself in a more positive way.

This week reflect on how you can better approach your struggles – do you need to talk to someone? Or maybe you are doing too much and need some self-care & ‘me time’? Are there any skills you need to learn? Have you been too hard on yourself constantly on the ‘push-push’ mode?

First, accept your struggle.

Understand that your struggle does not define you – there is nothing wrong with you! Struggling is simply a road map guiding you out of your comfort zone, leading you to healing and growth.

Trust the process.

“Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change.” — Iyanla Vanzant