We all understand that to be a healthy person, we need a good sleep pattern, nutritious food, and move (as well as hydrate) our body regularly.

However, as humans we cannot thrive with the basic needs of food and shelter only. It is impossible to sustain a healthy life without taking care of the most important need of them all – the need for connection.

I mean emotional and physical contact.

It is important to our very existence to feel that we belong, that we are part of something bigger. On the other hand, we can only truly connect to others when we feel connected to ourselves.

What that really means though?

First, let me ask this – how many times you are smiling, talking, and hoping that people don’t notice how you are feeling inside, when in truth you feel overwhelmed and alone? How many times you feel like you don’t belong to this planet and just want to disappear completely?

There is a reason for you to feel that way. Your Soul is asking you to face your emotions for healing. It needs you to create space to integrate your pain. Sometimes it can become overwhelmed to do it on your own, and that is when you need to see whether you want to seek professional help or talk to someone you trust.

The key here is to give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel, so you can release the old energy and create space for the new to enter your life.

To feel connected to yourself is to take care of your own needs while not fearing facing your own shadows. That way you feel safe to be who you are and open to authentically connect to others.