So often your expectations for things to change make you feel like what you have is not good enough. You end up focusing so much on what you want to happen to the point that you can’t really see what is working for you.

Your mind becomes obsessively attached to what is lacking. You expect too much from everything & everyone around you.

In fact, expectation comes from perfectionism. ‘High achievers’ expect so much from themselves that they unconsciously believe that people should behave the same way when everyone is different.

Clearly your expectations create significant stress when they don’t match up to reality.

Obviously striving for more can lead you to work your hardest and do your best. At the same time, it can also rob you of joy, especially when you expect things to come more easily than they do or in a different way.

Becoming aware of what you are expecting is a great start.

This week take a deeper look into how your expectations correspond to reality (and how your mood is affected because of this!). When you start accepting what you can’t change as well as acknowledging what is working for you, you will then vibrate from a place of abundance and inner peace instead of suffering from constantly perceiving what is lacking.

‘What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.’ – Brene Brown