We often ignore what we don’t want to see or what we wish to see differently. We spend a lot of time denying what is, and this resistance is what brings us suffering.

But how can you recognise the truth? The answer is simple – actions speak louder than words – whether this applies to yourself, relationships, work, friends, or family.

Recognizing the truth is also giving yourself permission to see things, people, and situation for what is. Not from what you think it should be, and this requires acceptance.

I often hear clients denying the truth when saying ‘…but Angela this is not the way it is supposed to be!’.

My question then is – can you accept the reality?

Acceptance of ‘what is’ is a profound and powerful step. It requires immense courage to be honest about where you are. And the willingness to feel what is actually true, which can be excruciating, but is far more useful than denying what you already know or arguing that the truth should not be the truth.

How many times you have spent so much energy resisting your reality, when you could be directing your energy and intention to what you CAN DO about it?

Acceptance doesn’t mean you are giving up on reality. When we practice acceptance, we are just saying one thing: ‘yes, this is happening – so how can I stop trying to change it?’.

When you accept the unacceptable, another portal of possibilities opens in front of you. It brings a sense of relief, as the resistance dissipates. In that space, you find inner peace, clarity, and a sense of direction.

‘Truth never pleads or compromises or wavers. It invites and awaits your acceptance.’ – Vernon Howard