Your mindset plays a critical role in how you cope with life’s challenges. It is a set of beliefs that orients the way you handle things in life, how you make sense of the world and yourself, and how you think, feel, and behave in a daily basis.

In other words, your mindset is a belief that let you frame a situation.

Basically there are only two types of mindsets – fixed and growth – which means you can either spot opportunities or feel trap in self-defeating cycles.

People with a fixed mindset are out to prove themselves and may get very defensive when someone suggests they made a mistake, they blame others. Whereas someone with a growth mindset takes responsibility for their actions, and often become more motivated to work harder when experiencing failure.

So often we associate a fresh start with a new job, moving to a new house etc. The reality is a fresh start it is not a new place, it is a new mindset. You can change career, and still be trapped in the same old stories. You can start a new relationship, and still face the same patterns of behaviours.

We constantly seek changes outside of us, when in fact it all starts within us first.

This week pay attention to how you are facing a particular situation. Are you perceiving things around you from a fixed or growth mindset? What are you repeating? Can you change the way you look at things and take responsibility for your actions? Who are you blaming?

Challenges are what make life interesting. When you face them with a new mindset, you have the opportunity to overcome your challenges with wisdom – instead of trying to fix them constantly in pain.

‘Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.’ – Jameson Fran