Is there anything more agonizing than being in limbo? Time may seem to slowdown when you are waiting for a hiring decision, a biopsy result, a difficult conversation to happen, and so on.

When facing unknowns, delays, and disappointments, the constant worrying thoughts can highly trigger the stress response in your nervous system. The result? You feel tired, stressed, and disempowered.

Resisting the impulse to think negatively while seeking for gratification in your present moment is a powerful way to stay focus on what is happening NOW. It is a measure of faith in the future, trusting that things will unfold for your highest good.

This week take the time to question yourself – what is the very thing I have been waiting to happen lately? How much power it has over me? Am I constantly projecting the future and overthinking the past? Who I would be without this ‘waiting’? How can I ‘disconnect’ from the unknown & find joy in my life now?

When ‘waiting’ in life becomes uncomfortable enough to distract you from being your normally efficient and attentive self, engaging in an alternate activity can help restore balance. Move. Breathe. Do something fun that will give you a boost of dopamine, like laughing with friends, listening to music you love, engaging in physical activities, meditating, dancing, and the list goes on!

There is purpose in your season of waiting. It is a portal of infinite possibilities, where you have the free will to choose who you are becoming – you can fearfully get stuck in your old self trying to control outcomes or embrace this deeper aspect of your Soul who creatively recreates your life with surrender, presence, and joy.

‘Never lose hope my Heart, miracles dwell in the invisible’. – Rumi