The Law of Attraction — the idea that things will come true if you believe they will — is behind a practice originally derived from a traditional Hindu ritual: manifestation.

People generally talk about manifestation as the process of using thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something into reality. However, studies have confirmed that both positive expectations & action are key for the manifestation process.

Your core beliefs set in motion circumstances that affect your ability to manifest an outcome. There is no point using your thoughts & feelings, while taking action to manifest something you want, when deep within you don’t believe you deserve it. If you don’t think you can actually succeed in some goal (for instance getting your dream job), you will set in motion events that will actually make it more likely that you won’t get your dream job.

We all know that people who are generally happy and positive attract more opportunities, have better relationships, and seem to be able to manifest what they set their minds to more easily. Whereas a negative person may experience the exact same things in life and only see where they failed to manifest what they desired. Basic psychology says you will get more of whatever you focus on in life – your brain will always look for things to make that focus come true.

So what are you focus on lately?

I guess a better question for you this week would be – do you really feel that you deserve manifesting what you want? Do you actually feel worthy of receiving? Do you believe you are capable enough to sustain your desires once manifested?

More important than focusing on what you want is to clarify first why you are worthy of receiving – only then you attract what you are ready for. This week use this powerful mantra to change any limiting belief you have towards worthiness:

‘I am a being of worthiness. I am capable, willing, and ready to receive. So be it’.