The Universal Laws help us to understand how energy works to keep the natural flow of life in balance and harmony.

The Universal Law of Reflection deals with the fact that everything you see is only a mirror reflection of that which is within you. We like to think that it is outside people or circumstances that are causing us to be happy or angry – the truth is YOU are the one manifesting this reality in your life.

According to the Quantum physics, everything is energy and energy is vibration.

That person who irritates you has come into your life, because that is an active vibration within you. In other words, that irritable individual is mirroring that which exists within you. It is you who is making yourself irritated, and majority of the time it is because you are trying to change, control or manipulate a person or situation.

The opposite is also true – the Law of Reflection may also reflect your polarity. For instance if you are overly kind, you will continually attract people and situations that take advantage of your kindness. The reason behind is to assist you seeing where your kindness is being motivated by your own guilt or need to get people to like you. ‘People pleasing’ is a sign that you are not honouring your own boundaries and values, and you are simply forgetting to appreciate yourself.

The reality is you cannot change the outside circumstances in your life until you deal with you inner world. Hence the importance of inner work, a practice where you develop this ability to understand yourself deeper.

So next time you find yourself angry or irritated with someone or a situation, take the time to ask yourself: ‘What is this person reflecting about me?’…’How I am projecting my own story here’?

Understand that the triggers in your life are opportunities for growth, that is how the Universe is helping you to grow.

Most importantly – be kind to yourself.