We all understand how difficult is to deal with painful, and sometimes even scary emotions. However, accepting your emotions can help improve your emotion regulation, decrease mood swings, and improve emotional balance.

If you have ever had an intense thought or feeling that you could not handle in the moment and tried to push away, you have experienced emotional suppression.

Your feelings are valid.

You have every right to feel whatever emotion you need to feel. You are not being dramatic; you are not over exaggerating. You are feeling.

Suppressing emotions, or just trying to push emotional thoughts and feelings out of your mind, is an emotion regulation strategy many people use.

Some people use meditation or mindfulness techniques to handle intense feelings, helping them relax and cope healthily. Others turn to working long hours, Netflix, alcohol, or drugs to get rid of painful emotions. While this may work as an emotion regulation strategy in the short term, it definitely has negative long-term consequences.

The truth is if you are denying emotions, there is a good chance you are adding even more distress to your life in the long term.

This week pay attention to how you are supressing your emotions, and how you can create space for you to feel your feelings without judgement.

If you find difficult to cope with your pain on your own, reaching out to a mental health professional can be key to helping you learn new coping strategies so you can deal with your discomfort in healthier ways.