We all have an inner critic.

At times this little voice can be helpful and keep us motivated towards our goals. However very often this voice can be more harmful than helpful, particularly when we are facing challenges in life. It gets into the realm of excessive negativity.

This is known as negative self-talk, and it can really bring us down.

Our inner critic develops in childhood. Even though we have no recollection of those times, the words spoken to us by those around us have been shown to have long-lasting consequences. Those of us who have a more negative inner critic voice have often experienced a lot of negative comments during childhood.

Comments like ‘Why do you keep trying? You’ll never be good at it ‘or even ‘Why can’t you be like them?’ or ‘What’s the matter with you?’ can be pretty destructive to our self-esteem. As a child we believe them, and make them our own inner voices.

This week when you find yourself in a cycle of negative thoughts, instead of entertaining the ideas and believe them, take a second to tune into your inner critic.

Pay attention to what you are saying and ask yourself ‘Is this true?’ and reflect on it ‘Where is this coming from?’.

Once you become aware of your inner critic, you can work on facing it head on with kindness and compassion towards yourself instead of making it truth.

If you are facing a challenge right now, being mean to yourself won’t fix it. Use positive affirmations to nourish your inner space with love and empowerment. At the end of the day, you are your own best friend.