Our brain is wired to overreact under stress, this can mean that in tough moments we simplify our options to all-or-nothing extremes.

If we are overloaded with work, we either over delegate or try to do everything ourselves. If we have to make important decisions, we either go with our first instinct or we suffer from analysis paralysis.

The reality is when you are constantly stuck between two extremes, you are making choices from a limited space. By narrowing and simplifying your options, you are eliminating possibilities.

How you think about and deal with stress can help you make better decisions.

When you are in a high-stress environment, like many people are in this moment, focus your attention on time-sensitive decisions. Ask yourself ‘Is there a time-sensitive deadline that is causing me stress? Or am I bringing self-imposed stress to this decision?’.

Also learn to accept when you are not able to make quick decisions. It is normal to feel like you have to find an answer right away, but the reality is it is perfectly okay – and sometimes the best thing to do – to take your time.

In a panic, we often offer solutions too early before all available options are considered.

Our Western society is constantly rushing, creating a busy lifestyle. Learning to disconnect from stress by prioritizing relaxation time can help you face your problems from a different perspective, and build a broader menu of options. That is where you are likely to find your optimal choice.

Remember we are all constantly making choices, but in the end our choices make us – choose wisely.